8th Annual Research on Contemporary Composition Conference
October 25 - 27, 2024

hosted by
The University of North Georgia, Department of Music
Gainesville Campus | Dahlonega Campus

The Research on Contemporary Composition (ROCC) is a conference dedicated to the recent activity of composers. In its seven years, it has featured the performances of 300+ new works (with more than 35 world premieres) representing composers worldwide. The conference was initiated by Dr. Esther Morgan-Ellis and Dr. David Peoples as an opportunity to present research on recent compositional activity. Music department students are a vital component of ROCC, featuring and bringing to light the works of many living composers through academic research. We are pleased to combine these scholarly activities into our yearly conference.

Previous Conference Booklets

Submit a score for conference recitalists: alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, bass trombone, cello, voice, piano, or percussion.

DUE Aug 15, 2024
or until filled

Submit a proposal to bring your own performers or present an acousmatic composition.

DUE Aug 15, 2024
or until filled

Submit a proposal to present a paper, lecture recital, or workshop. 30-minutes with Q & A.

DUE Aug 15 2024
or until filled

Submit a proposal to present a performance with or without visual media

DUE Sep 15, 2024
or until filled

Christopher  Mothersole

Mothersole will join us as a special guest artist this year, please visit his website to learn more.


Come to the conference! Passes to attend will be available soon.

Research on Contemporary Composition
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